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The Dangers of Dental X-ray Radiation: truth or myth?

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Hello all! This blog will be dedicated to our #1 priority which is......OUR PATIENTS!! Here we will address common concerns, questions, and misconceptions related to dentistry. Many of the topics are related to questions we get from you!

The number one question is: "Do I need to get xrays AGAIN?" Patients are concerned with the radiation emitted from our xray machines during routine exams. Let’s compare average radiation doses and see where dental x-rays fit in the grand scheme of things. According to the IAEA and the World Nuclear Association at 10,000 Millisieverts a person get Acute Radiation poisoning and dies within weeks; 500 mSv is the allowable short-term dose for emergency workers taking life-saving actions; 100 mSv is the lowest level linked to increased cancer risk; 10 mSv is a full body CT scan; 2.4 mSv is a person's typical exposure to background radiation; 0.035 mSv radiation from flying in an airplane! Last but not least 0.01 mSv from dental x-ray exposure. At Legacy Dental Beach we utlize digital x-rays and digital panoramic/cephalometic radiography which reduces the radiation dosage even more. So as you can see, you will get more radiation from flying in an airplane than in the dental office!!! Hope to see everyone soon in our Boynton Beach office.

Best Regards,

Dr. Davoodi

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