Bridge or Implant. 


Implant: a crown that is supported by the implant independent of the adjacent teeth


Bridge:  the surrounding teeth are filed down and crowns are placed on those filed teeth which serve to anchor/support the missing tooth crown


1. Dental Implant (titanium screw)

2. Abutment (connects Dental Implant to Implant Crown)

3. Implant Crown (what you see in the mouth)


You bone graft a socket to prevent the bone from shrinking therefore allowing ideal Dental Implant placement


Your sinus is an air filled sac held up by the roots of your back upper teeth. Over time after a tooth is extracted the sinus lowers into the area previously occupied by the roots. To place an Implant this space needs to be reclaimed. With bone graft material the sinus is pushed back up allowing for Dental Implant placement.

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